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    Yilong,Liang, male, from Guiyang City, born in 1955, is a professor at the School of Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering of Guizhou University, deputy director of the Material Heat Treatment Society of Guizhou Province, and director of the Key Laboratory of Material Structure and Strength of Guizhou Province. Mainly engaged in the teaching, research and development of new metal materials, material strength and fracture and thermal processing equipment. Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, the provincial core expert of Guizhou Province.


    In the teaching, the teacher-student interaction mode is adopted to give full play to the initiative of the students. This is the teaching method that Liang Yilong has long adhered to and constantly improved. He also always integrates his scientific research achievements and cutting-edge and new progress into teaching, and has achieved Excellent teaching results.

    In the teaching of graduate students, the postgraduate's innovative ability, scientific spirit and scientific research methods should be emphasized. Graduate students are encouraged to find problems and propose new methods and new ideas in scientific research practice, so that the research ability and practical ability of graduate students can be improved.


    He has completed 9 undergraduate and postgraduate courses and over 20 graduate students. Among the 12 graduate students, 5 have obtained doctoral degrees from famous universities and key universities in China. In scientific research and academic research, he presided over the completion of the National Natural Science Foundation, the Innovation Fund Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the provincial key project, the key science and technology development projects of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and major enterprise development projects. In 2000, the project “Development of Large-scale Fuel Annealing Furnace” undertaken by the stress relief annealing of key equipments of national key projects has significant technological innovations. The main indicators have reached the domestic leading level, adding more than 200 million yuan of output value and more than 2,000 profits. Ten thousand yuan, tax revenue of more than 11 million yuan, saving more than 14 million yuan for the country, so that enterprises have reached a new level.

    In the heat treatment of large pressure vessels, it has filled the gap in the southwestern region. It has been promoted and applied in Guizhou, Henan, Shanxi and other places, and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and obtained national invention patent authorization.

    In recent years, research and development of new materials have been carried out for important structural parts that are used in large quantities, such as transmission gears, rock drill bits, rolling mill parts, etc., which require small quenching deformation, high strength and toughness, and high fatigue life. In the study of the fracture properties of metallic materials, the principle of an important toughened metal material was first proposed.——Different levels of effective grain size are refined. According to this new idea of strengthening and toughening, high-strength and tough micro-deformed steel was developed, which can realize the microstructure refinement and control of sub-units and sub-strips. A new concept of synergistic fatigue strength and cooperative fatigue life of components is proposed, which provides a new idea for solving the strength and life of components, thus achieving high toughness and long fatigue life. A new approach to high-strength and toughening of grain refinement has important innovations.

    The application of new materials in transmission gears, key parts of rolling mills, rock drill bits and other components has achieved excellent service life and high dimensional accuracy, and the service life exceeds that of traditional materials. Mass-produced heavy-duty drill rods are drilled in Guizhou, Guangdong Qingyuan site, Shandong Luzhuang iron mine and Hubei, and the rock drilling life is more than 3000M, reaching the international advanced level and breaking the material and processing technology of heavy-duty drill rods. A few developed countries have long-term technology monopoly on China, so it has important significance and broad market prospects. Through the implementation of the project, the drill rods and other products have been mass-produced, and good economic benefits have been achieved. And established the demonstration base of production, education and research in Guizhou Province, and embarked on a new road of industrialization, research and research and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

    While the science and technology service society has produced good results, Mr. Liang Yilong has published more than 30 academic papers in authoritative academic journals, important academic journals, core journals, international conferences and other publications and academic conferences. Since 2000, it has won the second prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, the first prize and the second prize of the National Invention and Creation Competition. In 2004, it won 5 awards including the National Invention Exhibition Silver Award, and applied for 4 national invention patents, 3 of which have been Authorized. Saved in 2002 “May 1”Labor medal.

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